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It really has been fascinating to watch the impact that developments in mobile technology have had on sports betting. We’re starting to get beyond pre-existing brands simply launching apps to replicate their desktop offering. Nowadays, some newly-launched brands are foregoing desktop sites entirely. Of these, a handful are offering something very different from the standard sportsbook fare.

BetBull is one of the most intriguing examples of this phenomenon. It is indeed a mobile-only product, and brings a highly unusual, communal approach to betting. We’ll explain exactly what we mean by that shortly.

Does BetBull make a success of its creative ideas? Could this innovative offering be a genuine alternative to old-school sports gambling? These questions, and plenty more, will be answered in our BetBull review.

BetBull Sign Up Offer

BetBull’s highly unusual, community-based business model means that it will instantly pique the interest of sports bettors. Converting those interested people into paying customers is the real challenge, of course, and a killer welcome offer is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

This bookie doesn’t really like to do anything conventionally, and this extends to their welcome offer too. In fact, there isn’t just one available; there are actually three welcome offers. These all follow the same structure, though, and only vary depending on how much you want to spend.

Each variation of the BetBull new customer offer gives you a certain amount of social free bets, based on how much you deposit and bet. Bet and deposit £20, and you get £20 back in the form of five £4 free bets. £50 gets you five £10 free bets, and £100 – the maximum – nets ten £10 free bets.

Here are the main terms and conditions:

  • Minimum deposit of £10 needed to activate welcome offer
  • Offer will be awarded as five locked social free bets
  • Social free bets can only be used on social accumulators or system bets
  • Free bets must be used on wagers with at least two selections
  • Each free bet is unlocked when you wager the equivalent amount
  • E.g. Deposit £20, get five £4 free bets. Bet £4 to unlock a free bet
  • Qualifying bets must be at odds of 1/2 (1.50) or greater
  • Each BetBull free bet must be wagered at 1/2 (1.50) or higher
  • Locked free bets expire five days after first deposit

As you can see, this is a pretty unusual welcome offer! It does have some good things going for it though. Having qualifying odds of 1/2 throughout is reasonable, and getting the free bets in smaller chunks instead of oneb ig wager is useful. The restriction that all wagers must be multiples may alienate some, but – again – this is somewhat offset by the 1.50 odds.

Overall, once you’ve got your head round it, the BetBull offer for new customers is actually very competitive indeed, and represents good value.

BetBull Ongoing Promotions (Updated On: February 2022)

In the ongoing BetBull promotions, we see another example of how this bookie likes to do things a bit differently! While there aren’t very many offers, the ones that are here are pretty useful… but they’re presented in an extremely unusual way.

With most sportsbooks, you might simply visit a ‘Promotions’ section, pick the one you want, and use it. Not so with BetBull. Instead, their promotions come in the form of ‘Power Ups’, which fit into a wider theme of gamification’ across the platform.

The easiest way to get these Power Ups is in the ‘Acca Lab’. Here you’ll be presented with a series of suggested bets. If you don’t like one, you can swipe left to discard it. Any bets you swipe right on will be added to an accumulator. Once you’ve added four selections, you’ll unlock a ‘Secret Chest’ which contains a Power Up. These tend to be odds boosts, usually granting a tidy 5% boost to your winnings.

Another way to get Power Ups is via a referral deal, hidden away within the Profile section. You’re given a referral link, and – each time someone uses it to join, and deposits and bets £20 – you’ll be given a Power Up. This will come in the form of either an Odds Boost (available from 5% – 30%) or Insurance (available on one selection all the way up to four).


Asking a question like “Is BetBull legit?” is entirely reasonable, given you’re unlikely to have heard of them before.

This enquiry can be settled immediately, though, by their licensing. BetBull is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which indicates that the site is fair, looks after their users’ data, and has modern security features. BetBull doesn’t offer much detail as to what those features actually are, relying on stock phrases like “state of the art security measures” and “highly complex security technology”. Their licensing, though, means you can confidently trust them with both your money and data.

BetBull Football Features

Seeing as it’s the biggest betting market by a mile, football simply has to be a priority for any bookie looking to make their mark. Seeing as BetBull’s community-based model obviously relies on generating as much interest and discussion as possible, they’ve clearly – and smartly – chosen to focus on the beautiful game.

Navigating the football section on the BetBull app is absolutely effortless. Despite the smaller screen size, they’ve done a great job of making everything clear and easy to see. In addition to a smartly judged text size, this comes via a clear, modern layout which neatly mixes white, black, grey and blue.

The design of the actual interface has been very smartly judged too. Matches are split into five different sections – Our Picks, Today, Tomorrow, Popular, and In-Play – with each listing a different selection of games. In a useful touch, you can select the actual bet types which are displayed for all those games courtesy of a handy dropdown menu, flitting easily between Match Result, Over/Under, Draw No Bet, and so on.

We do have a couple of criticisms, though. Firstly, you can’t simply select a competition and see all of its markets – imminent games, games which are further away, etc. – in one place. Secondly, there are no outright bets whatsoever available at the time of writing, which is a pretty serious oversight.

Finally, both an in-play and BetBull cash out feature are present and correct. A huge range of competitions are supported, even for in-play bets. The odds don’t update especially quickly, but the actual placement of and escaping from wagers is completed quickly enough.

Other Betting Markets

While football is the clear focus on BetBull – not just from the developers but from the platform’s tipsters too – there are still plenty of other markets to bet on.

There aren’t a huge number of niche sports, admittedly, but big hitters like tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, boxing and so on all have their own sections. BetBull clearly don’t pay as much attention to some as to others, as evidenced by quite a few empty ‘Our Picks’ sections, but plenty of competitions large and small are still there and ready to bet on.

Mobile Betting Options & App

Given that BetBull is a mobile-only offering, rather than a desktop-based bookie with mobile extras, everything we’ve discussed so far has obviously been part of their mobile betting options. It’s important, though, to clarify exactly the opportunity this app presents.

This is not your average mobile betting app, which simply provides plenty of markets and lets you bet on them. You can do that here, if you want to… but it would be missing the point a bit! In short, BetBull is aiming to become the gambling scene’s greatest social betting platform, with a specific focus on accumulators.

Every user has the chance to become a ‘Tipster’. BetBull will subsequently track the success rate of your bets, and – if you’re successful enough – you’ll start to attract Followers. The most successful accounts can make the Leaderboard, greatly increasing their exposure, and allowing other users to start copying their accas for themselves. At the time of writing, for example, ‘AndyRobson’ is the most popular Tipster on BetBull, with other users winning over £400,000 on his tips in the last month alone. Fair play to you, Andy!

This community feel extends across the entire BetBull mobile app. Visit the ‘Our Picks’ area of the football section, and you can see all the accas that people have placed on a particular competition. Within the aforementioned Acca Lab, before you swipe left or right on a pick you can see how many other users have already taken it in their acca. When a game is ongoing, you can even join a live chat room and enjoy/suffer through the experience of watching your selections win/lose along with everybody else who took them.

Opening an Account

Mobile-only bookies can sometimes be slightly finicky to sign up for, often requiring you to swipe through screen after screen. Fortunately, though, the BetBull registration process has been kept short and sweet.

There are only three screens in total. On the first, you’ll enter your username, password and email address. Next you’ll provide a few more personal details, such as your name, date of birth and phone number. You’ll also indicate your preferred currency, and have the chance to set a daily deposit limit. On the final screen you simply enter your address, hit the ‘Complete Registration’ button, and you’re done!

Banking Options

While BetBull generally comes across as a pretty high-end sportsbook, this is one area in which it does drop the ball. There are a mere three deposit methods available: Visa/Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller, with the likes of PayPal, Paysafe and bank transfer all absent.

Deposits are processed instantly, though, and the minimum amount is an industry standard £10. The same three options are available when making a BetBull withdrawal, although you must have already used a method for depositing before you can withdraw to it.

Customer Support

Given that this is such an unusual platform, it’s natural to expect there will be a few more user enquiries than normal. We’re pleased to say that BetBull have anticipated this, and prepared for it with truly excellent customer support.

Most importantly, live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s easy to access too, courtesy of a little question mark which is ever present in the top-right corner of your screen. If your query isn’t so urgent, you can simply email the BetBull customer service team.

These exceptional direct BetBull contact options are backed up by a solid Help Centre. There are over 100 entries here, which explain anything and everything users might need to know in a clear, detailed manner.

BetBull Company Details

Given that they’re far from being a household name, you might be surprised to learn that BetBull aren’t actually a particularly new brand. In fact, they were founded all the way back in 2015, making them positively middle-aged on the quick-moving sports betting scene!

BetBull is operated by Vivaro Limited, which – you’ll be stunned to learn – is based in Malta. Along with a handful of German sportsbooks, Vivaro also operates VBET, whose brand awareness exploded in 2019 thanks to a partnership with Arsenal Football Club. Basically, they know what they’re doing and they have plenty of money, both of which are good signs for BetBull!

BetBull Bottom Line

A few apps have tried to blur the lines between sports betting and social media, but this is easily the best execution we’ve seen so far.

BetBull doesn’t just present a fascinating proposition; it follows through on that vision too. Both the BetBull Android app and its iOS counterpart are an absolute joy to use, with sky-high production values that include fantastic graphics and a myriad of tooltips to help you get started. Both the opening and ongoing promotions – once you get the hang of how they work – are very helpful. The ambitious social features, which are really BetBull’s calling card, have all been planned and implemented brilliantly.

The heavy focus on accumulators will alienate some users, and a lack of payment options mean it’s not perfect. No app is perfect, though, and BetBull’s actually comes impressively close. If you have any interest whatsoever in communal gambling, or simply trying out a completely new way of sports betting, we unequivocally recommend downloading BetBull’s app now.

Min Deposit £10 and bet on sports. Full T&Cs apply.