In the awkwardly-named Bet-at-Home, we find an intriguing example of a quite specific type of bookmaker – one that has been around for a long time… but which few people in the UK actually know about. Bet-at-Home is far from a new name on the betting scene, having started off in Austria back in 1999, but it has certainly failed to break into the British mainstream.

In part, this might be down to the fact that Bet-at-Home only started operating in the UK in 2014. Still, there are newer bookies than that who have managed to make waves. Is it simple bad luck which has stopped Bet-at-Home from achieving popular success in the UK, or does this bookie have deeper problems? This is just one of the many questions which will soon be answered in our comprehensive Bet-at-Home review.

Let’s get to it!

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Excellent Football Features

Variety of Banking Options

Great Customer Support

Bet At Home Homepage

Bet-at-Home Sign Up Offer

When you’re a bookmaker without much general brand awareness, like this one, an enticing welcome offer should surely be one of your top priorities. If someone does come across your site, after all, you want to try and hook them immediately.

Clearly the team here did not get the memo. There is literally not a single mention of a Bet-at-Home new customer offer anywhere on the website. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen that from a professional bookmaker before. We’ve come across plenty of uninspiring offers, sure, and some which were downright bad… but to not even have a welcome offer, in this day and age? That really is something else.

In our introduction, we wondered why Bet-at-Home hadn’t registered yet on the British betting public’s consciousness. Well, we don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this disastrous absence might just have something to do with it.

Bet-at-Home Ongoing Promotions (Updated On: December 2021)

It really would take some pretty amazing promotions to make up for the complete lack of a welcoming Bet-at-Home offer. Not only does the bookmaker definitely not manage to pull this off… they barely even try.

On the Bet-at-Home website there actually is a Promotions section, a link to which is always displayed in the top-right. Click on it, and (at the time of writing) you will be shown a single entry – ‘Top Winners’ – which literally just shows you a list of the biggest bets which the site’s users have won in the past couple of days. In what reality does that possibly qualify as a ‘Promotion’?!

Technically, there is one other feature we would class as a promotion buried elsewhere on the site. It’s something called a ‘System bet’, which works similarly to accumulator insurance deals elsewhere: you bundle four selections into a single bet, and – even if you only get three of those selections right – you still win the wager. That’s actually a pretty nice little deal, and we have no idea why it isn’t listed on the Bet-at-Home promotions page.

And… that’s about it! Our research for this review showed that – while Bet-at-Home has never been prolific in terms of its promotions – there have at least been some on offer. Right now, however, there’s next to nothing, which is a bizarre and frankly terrible decision.


Asking ‘Is Bet-at-Home legit?’ is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. While it’s certainly been successful on the continent, after all, it remains a relative unknown across the British Isles.

The short answer, fortunately, is ‘yes’! There’s annoyingly little information about this bookie’s security measures on the actual website, as is the case with most bookmakers, but they do definitely have 128-bit SSL encryption.

More important by far is the licenses they hold. Having already been regulated to operate in countries like Austria and Germany, Bet-at-Home have picked up a series of other prestigious licenses in recent years, including British, Irish and Maltese. You can be 100% sure, therefore, that this bookmaker is held to extremely high standards.

Bet-at-Home Football Features

Given that it hails from football-mad Austria and Germany, Bet-at-Home are certainly no strangers to satisfying fans of the beautiful game. It’s as fundamental a part of crafting a successful bookie in that part of the world as it is in the UK. As to whether it actually manages to do this successfully… well, that’s another matter.

Bet-at-Home does have a dedicated section for football betting, which is a good start! The visual appearance of this section, however – as with the rest of the site – is unattractive to say the least. It follows a stodgy grey-and-white colour scheme, the text is small and written in a dull font, and the whole thing simply looks outdated by at least a decade. Comparing this to the sleek layouts of Bet365 and William Hill, for example, really is night and day.

While it’s not much to look at, though, the football section is easy enough to operate and navigate. You’re shown live games at the top, and the biggest upcoming games just below that. There’s then a long list of countries and competitions in the sidebar to the left, each of which hides a drop-down menu, and you can use this to find the specific market you’re looking for in no time. Within these you’ll find both upcoming bets and a nice selection of outright wagers, ranging from the commonplace like League Winner and Top Goalscorer, to more unusual examples like Top On Christmas Day for the Premier League.

Elsewhere, when it comes to football features, you’ll also find Bet-at-Home cash out and in-play betting available. There’s no live streaming for matches, unfortunately, but there are virtual games that you can watch. That’s a poor substitute, admittedly… but they’re there if you want them!

Other Betting Markets

No bookmaker nowadays can get away with concentrating on one sport; football, for example, or horse racing. If you want to stick around in the crowded marketplace of sports betting, you’d better look after an extremely diverse audience.

On the whole, Bet-at-Home do a pretty good job of this. There are a whole lot of markets available for the likes of tennis, cricket, rugby, golf and motorsports. They don’t exactly have the widest range of niche sports (Finnish pastime Pesäpollo aside!), but certainly cover the other secondary bases amply – American sports, eSports, darts, handball, and so on.

The chances are that, whatever your particular sporting tastes, you’ll be able to wager on all the major matchups for them at Bet-at-Home.

Mobile Betting Options & App

Given that they haven’t even bothered to set up a welcome offer, it probably won’t stun you to learn that there isn’t a Bet-at-Home app available. It seems like there was one, based on our research, but it’s certainly not there any more. Technically there is a Bet-at-Home mobile app available on the German App Store… and based on the recent reviews for that (the word ‘schlecht’, i.e. ‘bad’, comes up a lot), perhaps it’s for the best that it’s not available in the UK!

All jokes aside, this is almost (but not quite) as disappointing as the lack of a welcome offer. The time when it was a luxury for your bookie to have a dedicated mobile app has long gone; nowadays, it’s a pretty basic requirement. Bet-at-Home have been operating in the UK since 2014, so there’s no excuse for them still not having an app available.

The one saving grace here is Bet-at-Home’s mobile website. It actually scales very well, with the layout being nicely adapted to the small screen. The markets are arguably clearer and easier to navigate than on the desktop version, and navigating between betting markets and your user areas is easy thanks to a menu at the bottom. Everything loads quickly, and you can carry out in-play betting just as you can on the regular version.

The lack of either a Bet-at-Home Android app or an iOS counterpart remains inexcusable… but the quality of the mobile website does help to offset this disappointment.

Opening an Account

Like the rest of the website, Bet-at-Home’s signup screen isn’t the most attractive we’ve come across. It gets the job done, though.

The signup process is split into three main sections. First, you’ll enter your personal data – name, address, and so on – and set a username, password and security question. At the second stage, you’ll be asked if you’d like to create a deposit limit, which can be set to daily, weekly or monthly.

Finally, you’ll be made to verify your account before you can actually start betting. This can be done by emailing the requisite documents to Bet-at-Home, or by using their verification partner Jumio (which is much quicker). While we understand why Bet-at-Home need to do this, it’s still a hurdle which many modern bookies don’t require you to overcome.

Banking Options

Based on our Bet-at-Home review so far, you can probably see that this isn’t the most feature-packed bookie on the scene. With that in mind, the banking options on offer here actually provide a pleasant surprise.

You’ve got quite a few choices when it comes to making a deposit, ranging from Mastercard and Visa, to Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, bank transfer, and a few less popular methods. In fact, the only notable absence is PayPal. The minimum deposit amount for all methods is £10, except for Paysafecard where it’s £1. All deposits are processed instantly barring bank transfers, which take up to 3 working days to complete.

The same methods are largely available when making a Bet-at-Home withdrawal too. Unfortunately, the minimum amounts are not. While they stay at an industry standard £10 for the likes of bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller, the minimum withdrawal amount for Mastercard or Visa – you’ll want to be sitting down for this – is an absolutely ludicrous £75! We used the live chat to confirm that this was the case… and it is indeed. Basically, for some reason, Bet-at-Home really, really don’t want you to withdraw straight to your card!

Customer Support

It hasn’t exactly been plain sailing for Bet-at-Home in this review, but we’re genuinely pleased to say that this is one area in which they do excel. Given the importance of good customer service, and the fact that it’s still missing from so many bookies out there, this is nothing to sniff at.

The Bet-at-Home contact options cover all the major bases that you’d hope for. Live chat is available, and our test enquiry – mentioned above – was answered quickly and in a friendly manner. Alternatively you can give the Bet-at-Home customer service team a phone call, or email them.

There’s also an FAQ section in place, as you would expect. It doesn’t include a search function, which is a minor annoyance, but you can still find the relevant section easily enough using a dropdown menu. The entries are written in a clear and straightforward manner, and there are enough of them to answer most of your probable enquiries.

Bet-at-Home Company Details

As we’ve touched upon previously, while Bet-at-Home might not be a household name in Britain, this certainly doesn’t mean that they lack experience. They were founded in Austria back in 1999, which actually makes them relative veterans in the fast-moving bookmaking world. Sports betting has been their focus since the very beginning, although – like most major betting sites – they also now offer casino and poker sections too.

Bet-at-Home have enjoyed plenty of success in their two decades of operations too. They have some 5 million registered users – most of whom will hail from central Europe – and have sponsored big football clubs like Schalke 04, Hertha BSC and RB Salzburg. Finally, in a stunning twist for a modern-day bookmaker, they are actually not based in either Gibraltar or Malta, but historic Düsseldorf instead!

Bet-at-Home Bottom Line

Without wishing to sound like the bookmaker’s parent, we’re not angry at Bet-at-Home… we’re just disappointed. This company has been running a sportsbook for over two decades, after all, which means the absolutely fundamental mistakes that they make both baffling and inexcusable.

Having at least some kind of welcome offer in place – regardless of the actual quality – is as basic as it gets. So where is it here? Ongoing promotions are one of the biggest keys to keeping your customers in the long-term. So why don’t Bet-at-Home have any? Every bookie worth its salt nowadays has its own mobile app. Do Bet-at-Home think it’s simply not important?

Sometimes, a bookmaker’s age can work against it. While Bet-at-Home might be experienced, this lack of basic features suggests that they’ve simply been left behind the times; something which is backed up by the outdated appearance of their website.

It’s not all bad, with the customer service, banking options and football features certainly being competitive, but these aren’t enough to make up for the deficiencies elsewhere. You should definitely keep an eye on Bet-at-Home, because there’s promise here, and they’ve clearly done something right to have had such success in Europe. As currently constituted, though, there are many better options out there.

18+. New UK Customers only. Full T&C’s apply.